Friday, February 16, 2007

New Improved Men Only Quiz

It's two years since I first posted my Men Only Quiz. Here's a second chance to do it. Remember your hormone levels can change considerably in two years. Way back then Mr Bolan had a hormonal age of only 25!

I’m not saying there’s no such thing as the male menopause because I know a lot of Grumpy Old Gits and I’ve started to notice that some of our younger male friends are partying less and moaning more. I thought I’d devise this simple little questionnaire to help you measure your hormonal age*

Choose one statement from each part that most closely resembles your current situation.

Strength & Vitality

You push furniture around a room with your head. (2)

You can push furniture around a room with your head but only when you’re drunk and if you haven’t anything better to do. (18)

The only time you push furniture around a room with your head is when you’re receiving a jolly good seeing to. (25)

Those days are over. The only furniture you're interested in is the sort you can have a comfy snooze on. (58)

Sexual Orientation

You only love your Mammy (3)

You don’t like girls. (7)

Girls don’t like you (11)

Girls like you (16)

You like boys (21)

How great is it that you can buy over-the-counter Viagra now? (61)

Sleep Patterns

You like a nap in the afternoon. You’re cranky at bedtime and up with the lark. (3)

You are a creature of the night. (17)

You’re up all night (21)

You like the odd early night and late morning (25)

You’re up at the toilet all night and you nap all day. (79)

Would Be Rude Not To

You could entertain yourself for hours. (14)

You entertain each other all the time (23)

You entertain each other fairly often (34)

You entertain each other once in a while (45)


You are a proper Sunny Jim (1)

You gripe a bit at bedtime (6)

Schooldays were the happiest… (14)

First love is the sweetest…(16)

…After the hurly burly (30)

Someone’s parked outside our house! (35)

My name is Victor Meldrew (65)

Total your scores and divide by five. The resulting number corresponds to your hormonal age. For further information consult your GP who will likely tell you to go and boil your head. Not that I’d agree with that point of view as I really like the idea of a male menopause. It’s companionable.

*The questionnaire is only valid for male use. If females do it they may get skewed results. For example my own hormonal age was 49!


Anonymous said...

25, coming 26. Like the political test though I didn't understand most of the questions. Why would you push furniture around with your head? Why do I always feel like a bumpkin when I read this weblog!

ed said...

24, coming 25. Not a million miles from the truth.

Nelly said...

Why do you always feel like a bumpkin...? Maybe it's an Ox-Snake thing? Or you didn't have enough sisters? Or something? But you're definitely. Not. A. Bumpkin.

Ed - I suppose you wouldn't elaborate on the furniture question. No? Oh well. A man's entitled to some privacy.

Rolpol said...

27.3 years old... Although had there been a question on how much despair one feels when realising the attractive woman one is talking to is too young to remember Live Aid then my age would have quadrupled....

ed said...

Nelly, you can consider the Fifth to be well and truly pleaded on that point. I will, however, confess that I'm fairly well on in years when it comes to mood.

As to Rolpol's issues with age, I'm now getting to the point where I can walk into a normal looking bar for a pint after work, and be the oldest (non staff) person in there. This is not pleasing to me.

Mudflapgypsy said...


I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing.

I did put Sunny Jim for mood as I am of a fairly sunny disposition of late. Must be because I'm off the booze?

Mr Bolan said...

Two years on...and I get 27. Which just goes to prove weblog quiz time correlates with RealLife(tm) time.

Anonymous said...

27.5. Obviosly the most mature of the lot of 'em.
mick xx

Cybez said...

I got 20.4, but after lunch I'm sure it'd be a bit older.

My 'word verification' today is ruuooa

Anonymous said...

oh...somehow i got 12.8, must be all the furniture pushing of late. gonna be 24 in 3 weeks...

mikey x