Sunday, February 04, 2007


Pearlie is going to be 81 this coming Saturday. Last year we held an 80th birthday party which she really enjoyed. Last year she said she wanted a party every year from now on.

This year she says she wants 'no fuss'. Which is OK. Pearlie has lost over three stone since last year. She has lost her appetite and much of her mobility. There will be a 'this year' but, I fear, no 'next year'.


Ronni said...

Make the most of your time with her. As much time as you can spare to "not fuss," will make you and she a lot happier, and sweeten your memories when she is no longer here.

I held my MIL while she died, three years ago. My own mother has been gone nearly 30 years.

I miss the both of them.

Nelly said...

I will. Thanks Ronni.