Tuesday, February 20, 2007


What with Britney and Robbie and Jade and Amy Winehouse (not) 'Rehab' is getting to be quite the place.

As you'd expect, me being cutting edge and all, I too have done Rehab time. But in those days we called it 'The Mental'.


Mudflapgypsy said...

No, No, No .

Cybez said...

So were you a 'mental case'? I heard that expression on 'Life on Mars' last night and as I haven't heard it being used for a long time thought I could try it out here.
Have you ever read the book, by an Irish folk singer who's name I can't remember, called The Mental? It's about his experiences a nurse in Downpatrick.I received some inspiration from it. I've nearly got a Britney hairstyle so I'm on my way toooooooooo :-)

Nelly said...

There are those who'd argue that I'm still a 'mental case'.

My mother used to say (or shriek) when we were all at home and in fighting form, "Youse ones are going to drive me to the Mental!" Another favourite was, "I'm heading for the hills." In our case this would have been Carnearny.