Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rosie Does Herself A Mischief

It’s been a hectic week at Nellybert’s. Pearlie had to go into hospital on Tuesday. She needed a blood transfusion as she had severe anaemia. She is waiting for tests and obviously we are all very worried about her. She is in fairly good spirits as the transfusion has revived her but she’s anxious about the forthcoming tests.

Then last night Rosie got hurt. She’d been outside having a pee. We heard a knock at the door, not straightaway, as the people were knocking on the scullery door and we were at the opposite side of the house. Bert went out to see and came back in great distress saying,

Rosie’s been hit with a car.

Jamie and Bert went out to see what had happened. I was certain she was dead. They brought her back to the house and she was still with us. There was blood on her forelegs and coming from her mouth and nose. Jamie, Hannah and I took her to the vet in Clough.

Bert was too distraught to drive so Jamie took us.

Thankfully the vet pronounced her ‘very lucky’. She had no apparent internal injuries. She was treated for shock and we were advised to bring her back in the morning for x-rays.

Today we found that she had a dislocated shoulder which has now been fixed.

A big thank you to the Woodrow family, who found her lying concussed in the middle of the road, removed her to safety and then alerted us. We’ve phoned and updated them on Rosie’s condition and they are happy to hear that she has survived.

And another big thank you to Zara the vet who attended Rosie so promptly.

P.S. Message for D&Z

Because of Pearlie's hospitalisation we decided to send Gracie to her other grandfolks. It's probably just as well as we're a bit too distracted for dog-sitting at the moment - Rosie's accident proves that.

And Bert has decided to prioritise gates at the top of the lane.


Rolpol said...

Thinking of you all, and sending warmest wishes...

Nelly said...

Thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Pealie and Rosie's accident - I hope both of them will be on the mend shortly xxxx london sis

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear that Pearlie and Rosie are under the weather, and I hope they will both be feeling better soon.

Ganching said...

Hope Pearlie is getting better and Rosie is enjoying the attention. Macy had one of those pink yokes on not so long ago but has made full recovery.

Ronni said...

There is a special corner of Hell reserved for those who will hit an animal in a car, and just drive away. That just makes me ill.

I hope all is well with Pearlie.

I've been reading here for so long that I feel I know your family.

Anonymous said...

really sorry to hear bout poor rosie dog, but it doesnt suprise me that she's well enough to go off scunging so soon...tough old dug that one. thoughts are with you all, and well wishes to your mother

mikey x