Monday, February 26, 2007

Scunging? In Your State of Health?

You'd think that a bitcher that had been at death's door on a Friday night would want to be taking it easy, wouldn't you?

You'd think that a dog that sat on the vet's examination table on a Saturday morning listening to talk of, whisper it - amputation - would want to be minding herself, wouldn't you?

You'd think that a silly fool of a dog with a big pink bandage on her leg wouldn't want to be off through the fields scunging, wouldn't you?

You'd be wrong.

Luckily Bert caught her and Paddy before they'd gone too far.

And the concrete is setting on the gate posts as we speak.


Caroline said...

Poor pup.

Anonymous said...

Nelly, can you help me out with the term 'scunging' ? What's that? I ask as an interested reader from Amerikay.

Nelly said...

Rosie asks me to thank all of you who have sent their sympathies.

And to Anon from Amerikay - to scunge (rhymed with sponge) in Ulster dialect means to run around.