Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Farm Diversification

Young Rooney called in this afternoon and we got to bouncing a few ideas around. These mostly centred around what Nellybert's going to do to bring the dosh in for the old age. Neither of us has much in the way of pension plans. In fact I just cashed mine in and it's just about enough to pay off my credit card and buy some decent teeth. Young Rooney says,
You could rent out the ground.

Doing that. Money's crap.

You could plant trees.

Done that. Fifteen acres in trees already.

What about a garden centre? Bert could run it and you could do a tea shop. Sell your cheesecake.

We hate garden centres.

Lots of money to be made.


Boarding kennels then?

Someone tried for boarding kennels before and the road put in against it.


Mmmm. Maybe.

Riding stables? Paintballing?
Nelly goes,
Paintballing? Lots of fit blokes running about? Mmm. Maybe.
Bert goes,
Riding stables? Lots of gorgeous lassies in jodphurs? Sounds OK. Far better than all those oul biddies that hang about garden centres.
Young Rooney goes,
Aye. Riding stables. Me and Loveheart'll be round here all the time. Loveheart says all those horsey girls are mad for it. He says it's all the bouncing about in saddles that gets them going.
Nelly says,
Yeah. And I can become one of those old eccentric horsey women running about in filthy jeans and bodywarmers with no time to go to the hairdresser.
Bert says,
Sure that's you now...


grumpy old man said...

Yo Nelly,

Howzit go'in.

I like you're tone.

In this blog

Think I'll add it to me blogroll.

Nelly said...

And I'll return the compliment. Soon.

Anonymous said...

i think corporate bonding weekends with a difference, ever seen Severance? Caterie would be sweet, perhaps a battle re-enactment gtround? build a castle?

hows the job treating?

mikey x

Anonymous said...

Nelly (at work)

Have you any idea what it's like to get planning permission around here?

The job is good.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Paintballing is getting a following here, there are a few places doing it now.

All those lassies bouncing in the saddles, sure it is the same as motorbikes, all the vibration and friction makes them numb...too much like hard work. If ya can't beat 'em...join 'em. ahem.

Nelly said...

That's not what Young Loveheart says! He used to do a lot of riding himself, hung around the gymkhanas...

And Bert's dead nuts against the paintballing - says he doesn't want his trees all spattered...

Mudflapgypsy said...

Hahaha. and Aha, it's ok for Young Loveheart as he was doing the horseriding ( I presume it is horse?) himself....puts him on an even keel so to speak. It's those that don't get on the horse who have the all the hard work. (there is a joke in there, I know there is).

Nelly said...

Young Loveheart was a skilled rider - of horses, natch!

He speaks fondly of his time at the shows and the sport he had in the back of the horseboxes.

Hageltoast said...

lol. I'd go with paintballing, less smelly than a stables. And no midwinter nights spent clearing out sheds in a blizzard and dragging the ponies in.