Saturday, March 03, 2007

The News From Cully

We are harbouring a dangerous dog who ought to be included in the list of banned dogs. So far she has attacked Bonnie, Willie Drennan and Holly de Cat. Only Holly gave a good account of herself. Yes. Gracie's back in Cully as her other grandpeople have got dog-fearing visitors this weekend.

Other news. Pearlie's test results have not revealed anything too sinister so we're all feeling a lot happier about that.

Then as soon as Bert allowed himself to relax he got man-flu which necessitated cowering under a woolly blanket, emerging only occasionally to play the clarinet. That wretch young Rooney has given him another clarinet which has fired up his enthusiasm for the honking hatefulness of it.

Rosie is also on the mend and still sporting the pink bandage. She lost her bark for a week but it returned this morning when Gracie rocked up. Bert got the gate up. It is hideous looking but I suppose it will do till we get one.

And apart from that I'm up to my eyes in overdue assignments so... really must dash!

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Anonymous said...

I am appalled. My wee darling would never harm anyone or anything. Tell the truth, Bonnie, Willie Drennan and the cat goaded her!

Z & D