Saturday, March 17, 2007

Secrets & Lies

I have been challenged by Cybez to share 5 little known facts about myself.

This will be hard as I'm an open book me and don't have many secrets but I'll give it a go.

  1. I was born on 9/9/1953.
  2. 9+9+1+9+5+3=36
  3. 3+6=9.
  4. This means (in terms of numerology that I am a 9. And a very fine 9 at that.
  5. I think that numerology might be poo.

So is that 5 facts or 1 fact? I think it is 5 facts so that means I can keep my deep, dark secrets about mental hospitals, police stations and Liam Neeson all to myself.

And speaking of famous actors I heard today that Bert is a far-out relation of James Nesbitt. Apparently Bert's granda was James Nesbitt's granda's uncle or something. Maybe it was the other way round?

And me'n'Ganching? We're supposed to be third cousins, twice removed of the famous Belfast character actor J.G. Devlin. I doubt if many of you will have heard of him.


ganching said...

Does that mean if you get married Jimmy Nesbitt will be at the wedding?

Nelly said...

Sure isn't Jimmy Nesbitt at everybody's wedding?