Monday, March 19, 2007

The Little People

Bert: Y'know the Wee Manny saw fairies once?

Jamie: Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Bert: He did indeed. Him and this other boy saw fairies down at the bottom of his mother's garden. The other boy can't verify it though for he's dead years ago.

Jamie: Were drugs involved?

Bert: No it was a car accident.

Jamie: I mean were there drugs involved the time the Wee Manny saw the fairies?

Bert: Aye. Likely. That minds me - did I ever tell ye the one about the boyo the Wee Manny knew in Amsterdam?

Jamie: No. I don't think I ever heard that one.

Bert: This boyo, oul fellow he was, lived in a houseboat in Amsterdam and he kept this German Shepherd that he'd trained to set boys if they held on to the joint too long or if they passed it the wrong way. The Wee Manny said if you took more than a couple of drags the dog was over at you looking down your throat with its teeth bared and if you took another one it started to growl.

Jamie: What happened if you passed the joint the wrong way?

Bert: It took a lump out of you.


Mudflapgypsy said...

Did he have many people round for a smoke, well once only I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Nelly@work said...

it would hardly have been conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.

grumpy old man said...

cracker post there nelly

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