Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh I Do Like To Be....

bonnie paddling, originally uploaded by NellyMoser.

Bonnie never dreamed that life could be this much fun when she lived with her previous owners.

Those where the days when she was neglected, underfed, got no exercise and spent all her days chained in a shed.

In those days she had no fur under her chin for it had all been worn away with the constant friction of the chain.

She is such a lovely, gentle and affectionate dog now. And it has been such a wonderful thing to see her confidence and pleasure in life increase. I'm so glad that we kept her.


brook said...

She's a beauty - and I can't imagine any creature who wouldn't thrive at Nellybert's hearth. I'm glad you kept her, too!

Anonymous said...

I will get a dog one day! Lucky Bonnie have you

Love Katy

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you kept her too, looking forward to the day i get to meet her!

hi to everyone, hope your all well!

mikey x