Thursday, March 29, 2007

Roundabout Madness

So here’s me at seven o’clock tonight heading homewards from Matty’s house. I get the length of the Toome Road mini roundabout and as I’m driving on to it there’s a car driving on to the roundabout heading out of Ballymena towards Antrim. Coming behind this car there is a Patton’s van dropping someone off and indicating to turn right. The Patton’s driver steers his van over the top of the roundabout which I’m already on and is enraged to find me impeding his path. So much so that he treats me to a blare of his horn. Convent-educated lady that I am I just mutter to myself, fuck you matey, and go on my merry way.

Then the other week Bert is on the dual carriageway driving out of the town. He’s in the left hand lane of the Ballykeel roundabout driving towards Larne when a driver in a 4x4 mounts the roundabout, drives over it knocking signage everywhere, takes to the air in front of him and crashes into a fence with bits of the motor flying everywhere. Bert just drove on. I think he was in shock.


Mudflapgypsy said...

I concur with your sentiments.
I hate roundabouts only because of people not using them correctly. People here are all mad, present company excepted, of course. Every day I drive round roundabouts the CORRECT way, ie: I follow the course of the lane I am in when driving on a roundabout rathe than flailing across two lanes to go straight on.. This seems to indicate to drivers waiting to drive onto the roundabout that I am turning left ( Have I turned my indicator on, eh,eh?). They give a false start and a look of alarm when they realise I can use a roundabout in the correct manner. I can't wait for the day when one of these devolved morons drives out in front of me and it will be their fault !! heehee. Give way to traffic from the right an' all that. I think it all comes down to the insufferable lack of use of the indicator lights. They do work, very well in fact. Why don't these dunderheids use them? Nelly , you have just elicited a rant from me. I am in shock at my own ranting. I need a hot drink and a lie down.

EveMaryBD said...

Sort of related comment...

I think I saw your Bert bloke turning across the dual cabbage way at near Pennybridge coming from Kells road direction...he was driving a white van very slowly very carefully.....from what I remember from a previous post....this is his driving style

Do you think this could have been him? I let him in by the way!


Anonymous said...

from Nelly@work

Mudflapgypsy - Feel free to have a rant. This blog needs a bit more ranting!

EveMary - That could very well have been Bert. He's been on that track a fair bit recently.

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Nelly said... Iron