Thursday, May 31, 2007

Owl Watch

The little owl dudes are starting to spread their wings. Last night we saw two on the same branch and they kept flapping about from one place to another. Too dark for photography unfortunately. Bert thinks there might be three of them but we're not certain.

The Leitrim Sister was up this evening and she was very keen to go owl-spotting. We only saw one young one. Bert thought we'd spotted another peeking behind a big branch with her 'ears' on full alert. Next thing she took off. It was an adult. The little ones have a lot of wing development ahead of them. And they've still got fluffy bums.


ganching said...

You better be careful. I went to a talk earlier in the week on designing street (and stop sniggering - it was very interesting!) and the guy doing
the talk told us about an incident that happened somewhere in Norfolk where a guy was coming home on his motorbike and he came off the bike. When the ambulance and the police arrived they found the man and the bike lying on the road and in the vicinity was a dead owl. The Highways Authority immediately arranged to have signs put up saying "Beware Low Flying Owls".

Have a good weekend.

Hageltoast said...

Fluffy bums? aww. cuteness.