Thursday, May 03, 2007


Where I Work, originally uploaded by NellyMoser.

I'm very busy these days.

Busy with my studies (or so I like to convince myself), busy in the greenhouse, busy playing with my new camera and busy at work.

In work I have two new responsibilities - I am in charge of Construction Schedules and I am in charge of Tubs & Hanging Baskets.

Yesterday I was only in charge of Tubs but my boss went to the garden centre today and doubled my workload in that department. I fear my thumbs are going to go untwiddled and my nails unfiled. Which is good.


Cybez said...

Was the boss ever an ex -jail bird who reminisces about the good old days inside, with those bars on the windows?

I want to break free. I want to ...

Nelly said...

As if! The boss is a thoroughly decent and law abiding chap, a pillar of the community, an officer and a gentle... enough sycophancy there I think.

No. The bars are to keep rascally types out. Not that there are any rascally types in Kel... As double if!! But you know what the insurance people are like.