Saturday, August 04, 2007

Advice Not Taken

We were all given a great bit of advice the other day. I did not take it.

I went to work yesterday morning with a bit of stomachache going on . Naturally I put it down to something I'd eaten and soldiered on. Unfortunately by lunchtime it was quite a bit worse and I mentioned to one of the site foremen that I was feeling yuck. He diagnosed wind and recommended a good gallop around a field. But when I turned grey and went into cold sweats they hauled me off to A&E.

I have to say that, despite their newness to the job, the medical staff treated me very well. Perhaps Katie wasn't too adept at the old needle into the vein thing and Alicia hadn't a clue how to adjust the trolley bed but apart from that and the long wait it wasn't too bad. My heart was fine, and so were all the other tests. I think that site foreman's original diagnosis might have been correct.

Thanks to my boss, CD, who took me to hospital and waited the whole time I was there. He's off to climb Mont Blanc this morning. You take care of yourself up there CD.


Cybez said...

I'd like to know what way to gallop around a field and if the galloping works and alleviates the symptoms would it make the person galloping speed up. Is that were the term wind speed comes from?

Good to hear your Ok :-)

Nelly said...

I think the best way to gallop around a field is to run like the clappers, toss your mane and go 'neigh-hay-ay' but I haven't done it since I was about eight and don't remember if wind, other than the wind in my mane, was involved.

Feeling much better today. A bit wobbly but am still planning to plant out my new flower bed if the rain stays off.

Freshblade said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Nelly. Possibly, I should have said that cold sweats and greyness were not occasions for aspirin and soldiering on until morning.

Nelly said...

I think it's the old gall bladder playing up. Fair, fat & forty. OK - so I'm fifty but I always take my time getting round to things.

I'm going to see the GP this coming week.