Sunday, August 05, 2007


The Wee Manny and Mrs The Wee Manny were here for dinner last night. As ever, it was a crazy evening. Craziness and the Wee Manny go hand-in-hand.

Among the many tall tales that he told was the one about the woman who got drunk at a training day and showed some of her work colleagues her 'Brazilian'.

And you know what a Brazilian is, don't you Nelly?

I have a pretty good idea Wee Manny.

It's when a girl shaves her pubic hair into the shape of the map of Brazil.

Is it?

By the look of that map I'd say she'd want to be encouraging the growth in the region of her right groin area Say round about the Peruvian and Colombian borders.

Swisser says she's having hers shaved into the shape of the map of Ireland.

Ploppy Pants says,

North and South?
Swisser says,
All of it. I believe in a united Ireland.
Ploppy says he's getting his shaved in the shape of Ulster. And that'll be the six counties Ulster. Of course.


Mr Bolan said...

Wouldn't Peru/Colombia encourage growth closer to the *left* thigh area?

Mr Bolan said...

At least, in the standard Mercator projection...

Mr Bolan said...

...and if I am looking *at* her (presuming she allows me, of course.) Hmm, I can see how you might say it would be the right groinal area, but still contend it to be the left. But I can see the case for it not being so.

I think this heat is getting to me. My brane seems to have stopped. More gin!

Nelly said...

I think the right as the shaven one looks down at her work of (t)art. The viewer, of course would see the Colombian and Peruvian border area as being on the left.

D'ye think if you were going for the Ulster option you'd need a wee plucked patch to represent Lough Neagh?

Mr Bolan said...

Well, now, there is always the Bann that, erm, well, you know, goes from the top to the bottom, but, err, I think I leave this conversation now. It seems to be heading south a bit too quickly. :)

hootchinhannah said...

That gave me such a good laugh. You can always count on the wee manny for a bit of humour.