Friday, August 03, 2007

It's all My Fault

Cadbury Schweppes say that the current downfall in profit margins are down to the rising cost of milk.

Some financial commentators are saying that the company expected too much from the new markets opening up in China. Seems the Chinese just don't care for chocolate.

I'm saying that their profit losses must have something to do with their extra added ingredient - salmonella.

But Matty says it's all my fault! It's true. I've not had chocolate for nearly a month now. I'm turning Chinese!


Grannymar said...

It is only a ploy to make us feel sorry for them.

The guilt is supposed to make us purchase even more product.

Don't give in Nelly, it would only make the cycling harder!

Freshblade said...

Well done Nelly, I wish I had a wee bit of your willpower!