Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Search for Paddington

After missing out on my second Paddington, to fellow EBayer Slippytit, I decided to use Bid Assistant. Then Elly told me about Auction Sniper so I signed up for that too. Using both won me two Paddingtons, which was fine, as I secretly wanted one for myself anyway.

Macy inspects Paddingtons

The first to arrive (the cheaper one) needed a new coat as his own was a bit moth-eaten . No problem as I've purchased a pattern from an Ebayer in Texas. The first Paddington also needed boots but that shouldn't be a difficulty. The second one was perfect, apart from a wall eye, and he's the one that's gone to Zoe.

So that's why I didn't do that meme Ed* was at. Far too samey when nearly all the letters of the alphabet turn up EBay sites. I'm not obsessed or anything. When I find the perfect wrap dress I'll quit. But that's another story.

*Like Ed, V turned up Caroline and Z, Zobo.


elly parker said...

Yesh! Delighted that it worked for you - hope you got those bears at a fair price.

If you are recommending AuctionSniper on to any of your friends then use the tool in your AuctionSniper account, that way you will get some more free snipes!

Nelly said...

I was happy enough with the prices Elly. They compared well with other sales and the bears were accurately described. Incidentally have just won a wrap dress using Auction Sniper. The thing i like about it is that it doesn't bump up the price. Thanks again for the tip.

Kitty said...

Hi Nelly ... I was just sat here blog-browsing and found yours. I laughed out loud at your being outbid by an eBayer called Slippytit! Sorry :-( Lovely Paddingtons though, and cool blog.

How do you get the comic sans font on your page? It's my favourite font, but I'm stuck with Trebuchet ...

Take care ~ Kitty

Nelly said...

Thanks kitty - you can change the font in the template, create post and toolbox. Am I comic sans? I thought I was Georgia?

Kitty said...

Ah ... I think I know what's happening - I have downloaded Firefox as my browser and altered the default font which I 'see' on screen. So you have Georgia, Trebuchet, Arial, Verdana like the rest of us then? I am definitely seeing Comic Sans!

Just ignore me ... I'm a nutty as a fruitcake!

Thanks for replying. Take care ~ Kitty