Friday, August 17, 2007

Slippytit* and the Bare Bear

I’ve got bears on the brain right now. Ever since I decided I was going to get Zoë a replacement Paddington Bear to make up for the one that I donated to a jumble sale many years ago. OK – he had spent the last several years of his stay with us as a nudist, while a panda wore his duffel coat, his hat was lost down the back of the sofa and his Wellington boots had become a part of family tradition as each daughter eagerly awaited her turn to fill Paddington’s shoes. But now that the frenzy of fundraising for worthy causes (Women’s Aid and the like) had left me, I had come to regret giving Zoë’s bear away. After all I hadn’t even asked her if I could. And a Paddington in good condition can fetch more than £80 on EBay these days.

So I decided to get an old dilapidated bear and restore him to his former glory and present him to Zoë. I spotted a shabby nude one on EBay and thought I’d try for him, decided I’d pay up to £20 and started watching him. The last twenty minutes were nail biting. I watched the auction obsessively. He was going to be mine for £16. In the last five minutes I upped my bit to £21.45. In the last seconds I breathed a sigh of relief. In the closing seconds some total bastard sneaked in and snatched my bare bear away from me for a paltry £22.45. The word ‘incandescent’ was invented for such moments.

*Funnily enough the robbing bastard EBayer's handle wasn't Slippytit, but it wasn't far off it.


Grannymar said...

Pity about the bear.

To make up for it come vitit my blog today. ;)

Grannymar said...


Baino said...

Hi Nelly. Grannymar sent me because you're a schmoozer. You also share my nickname so you've gotta be pretty spesh. Greetings from down under!

elly parker said...

Nelly, you need to try - he was probably using something like that.

You sign up to the website and provide them with your ebay details. It's perfectly secure and safe. Then you tell it the item you wish to bid for, and in the last seconds of the auction your bid is placed.

It works well and helps you by not driving up the price of the item in the early stages, and ebay have no problem with you using it.

Every time that I have used it we have won the auction in question. let me know if you have any questions, drop me a mail at ellybabes @ gmail. com (take out the spaces).

Hails said...

Oh... sneaky, Elly!! Although I have to confess to being one of those last-minute ebay snipers myself, using the more traditional and now apparently redundant waiting-till-the-last-few-seconds approach.
Ever seen the ebay song video? It's hilarious...

Nelly said...

So I signed up as a sniper (thanks for tip Elly) and tried to get one with jammies. Slippytit beat me to it again!

Maybe buying undressed ones, tarting them up and selling them on. Oh well.