Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You Can't Fatten A Thoroughbred

I've had quite enough of WeightWatchers. £5.50 per week just to get weighed is £5.50 I can spend on clothes or fruit or Christmas. WeightWatchers helped to get me on track and provided good motivation but I don't think I need it any more.

So I purchased some electronic scales and weighed myself tonight. I'm one and three-quarter pounds lighter than I was on Monday. But that's me bare naked so they're about the same as the WeightWatcher's weighbridge. I've got a new target now, which is to be lighter than Bert. We're about 12lbs apart at the moment. I'm not sure whether I should approach it by me losing or him gaining. Probably have to be me losing. There's no way I'll get weight on that skinny rake unless....unless I send him in to lodge with Zoe!


Anonymous said...

good one ya nelly, you must be fairly svelte, isn't bert about 9 stone when wet??

keep it up girl!
mikey x

Nelly said...

Um - getting there Mikey, Bert is actually just over 11 stone in boiler suit and sailing shoes. Dry. He never gets wet as is made of sugar and would dissolve.