Monday, December 03, 2007

Chocolate Schmocolate

Weightwise I've reached my main goal. Weightwatchers reckon it should be max 10.5 stone. I reckoned 11.5 would be pretty nifty. So that's where I am. I might go for another 7 lbs but I don't want to get too much lighter as I do have a choice to make between arse and face. And honestly, I think my face has a bit more going for it.

Folks I was 202 lbs when I started this. That was a big weight for a woman standing at 5 foot 2 inches. I was wearing size 20 and edging towards size 22. I was close to 'morbid' obesity. Now I'm just a bit chubby. Yippee! 

Once again I'm going to thank Shauna whose blog and book were a huge inspiration for me. If anybody out there feels the need to get a bit of serious weight off you could do worse than to check her out. But check her out anyway because she is a great blogger and a wonderful human being. 


grannymar said...

Well done Nelly!

Don't go any thinner or you will look old like me!

I never carried weight and if I am sick at all my face and neck look scrawnier than normal - not a pretty picture I can tell you!

Nelly said...

I'll not let myself get too thin Grannymar. I like chocolate and gin too much for that!

Shauna said...

WOOHOO I am so happy for you, Nelly! :)

(thanks for the kind words too!)

Nelly said...

Totally deserved kind words Shauna.

Anonymous said...

nelly that really is something to be prou of...good work indeed!

mikey x

Ronni said...


I've got at least 30 lbs to go. But I have got down from a 14 to a 12.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Way to go Nelly. Great achievement indeed.