Thursday, December 27, 2007

There's Always Somebody Worse Off

Early morning Boxing Day I'm lying in bed listening to four bloody cocks trying to out-crow each other and I'm thinking,

Could anyone be having a harder time trying to have a lie-in than me?

So I got up. A short time afterwards I heard a whooshing, crashing sound and then Katy started to roar and shout...

I shout up the stairs.

What's happened? Are you alright?

Katy answers,

Bloody ceiling's fell on top of me. Top of my head. And I was just having a lovely lie-in. First in months.

Oh my God.

I race up the stairs.

Bert, Bert! Did you hear that? Ceiling's fell on top of Katy and Mark.

Aye. I heared.
Teddy was rather shaken by the incident but, thankfully, unhurt.

Nor was there was damage done to the antique lamp shade, to the ancient beams or to Katy's big curly noggin..


Anonymous said...

...note to self...

When invited to stay at NellyBert's bring umbrella for use while sleeping!

I hope all the heads have recovered.

Janet said...

Oh My!! And I thought the like only happened at poorly managed establishments like mine!!!!
Otherwise, you seem to have had a wonderful Christmas - thank god it didn't fall on the great big feed.
Janet in very snowy coastal Nova Scotia