Friday, January 25, 2008

The Secret of my Success

There hasn't been much progress recently on the weight loss project. Naturally Christmas had its effect. Over the holiday period I gained 5 lbs. Was I dismayed? Not an iota. A small and quick weight gain comes off pretty easily when sensible eating is resumed. So when less ale and fewer cakes were consumed it started to come off again. I have now lost exactly three stone since the project began in July.

So, you'll be mad to know, what is the secret of my success? It's simple. Radishes. The more you eat the slimmer you get. So spread the word. We'll be putting in acres of them this coming year. For your supply just contact -



Anonymous said...

Could you make soup with them?

Nelly said...

Seems you can

Mind you sounds more like a medicine than a soup. And what size of a radish is she talking about?

El Capitan said...

Mmm... Radishes. I can eat exactly one. Any more than that, and (to quote a movie) "Gives me the winds somethin' fierce!"