Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rainy Weather

Three rabbits unfortunately drowned in this weekend's downpour

Bert and I had planned to go for a long walk today. We’d even pre-booked the party animal (Hannah) for an early return from her weekend on the tiles, thus ensuring that Pearlie Blue would have somebody to moan at. But rain stopped play. A wee bit of a shower wouldn’t deter me but Bert, him being made of candy floss, melts in the rain.

Instead I took a solitary walk along the river path hoping to see massive flooding. I wasn’t completely on my own as I’d a couple of dogs with me. I like walking on my own as it gives me an opportunity to do a bit of serious thinking.

So what did I think about? I thought about global warming and wondered if it was really happening and, if it is, does it really matter? I thought about God and does it exist? I thought about money and what would happen if we stopped caring about it. And I thought about why it seems to be fine and dandy for horses to shit wherever they like and yet it’s a big sin for a dog to take a dump out of doors. Nobody expects horse riders to dismount and shovel those great steamy turds into plastic bags do they? I call that not fair.


Ronni said...

There is no greater profundity.

Anna in the USA said...

You've hit a sore spot, Nelly. I LOVE horse turds! My cousins and I used to pick up dry turds and have turd fights, we girls used them in playing house as biscuits in muffin pans and I am thankful to the horses for my beautiful flowers and gardens. Yes, I'm a horse person...

Now what can you do with a dog turd? The only use I have found so far is to shove them down gopher holes and hope the little bastards dig into one of them!

Nelly said...

See! People just love horse shit. And riders know this. That's why they kindly and generously leave it lying about for us to gather up and play with and put on our roses and rub into our complexions for a lovely horsey glow.

Dog turds are perceived as evil because they smell bad and are full of parasites that make children go blind and because dogs are sneaky and leave them places where you wouldn't expect so that you tread in them and get them all over you car or house or whatever.

Horses, on the other hand, do great big steaming mounds at least a foot high and they do them right there in the middle of the road or the path so that only a complete idiot would step in them.

But dog turds are useful. Some people like to collect them in bags and make pretty fence decorations with them. Me? I (would like to) throw them at my enemies.

Zoe said...

Enough of the turd talk! More about the rabbits - we had rabbit escalopes with a tomato and veg sauce. It was delicious!

Anonymous said...

Who defluffed the bunnies? I bit hannah had none.

All well our end - though we are vegetarians with too much alloment crops. We had corguette soup to night. Yum Yum! I can give the website for allotment growers recipes it really good for ideas!

Katkins xxx

Nelly said...

Need that recipe Zoe. Bert's heart wasn't in the bunny - I think because he defluffed them. I'll need the courgette soup recipe too Katy as we have a bit of a glut.

Nelly said...

You're right about Hannah too. She wouldn't lip Peterkin.

Anonymous said...

Try this link - hope it works