Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Seven Degrees of Separation

Last weekend we went for dinner with a couple of friends from Portglenone. And very enjoyable (and yummy) it was too. I couldn't help noticing that our hostess was looking exceptionally well. She had a great haircut and the sassy, confident air that a great haircut gives a gal.

"Great haircut," says I. "Thanks," says she. "I got it cut in London last week."
"And only by Kate Moss's hairdresser," says her better half. Turns out that the friend she was over seeing is mates with a guy who is a hairdresser to the stars. And the person whose hair he'd cut before hers was Miss Moss.

According to some recently reported research by Microsoft the whole world is only 6.6 contacts from every other human being on earth. Now I've found that Nellybert is just two degrees of separation from Kate Moss. Which doesn't surprise me one bit. Kate and her ilk get about a bit and their movements are well documented so it's easy to trace our connections to them.

Take the Queen, for instance. She meets a hell of a lot of people so each and every one of us must know at least one person who has shook the royal hand or been to one of her garden parties. Same goes for the Pope. Sure through knowing His Edness I'm only one degree of separation from the last two pontiffs. And that makes me two degrees from that fucker Bono. And three from Nelson Mandela. Unless the Pope has met him too and that's bound to have happened. Through the Kate connection I'm four from Mandela for sure. Except I forgot - Laura's cousin Khail had an audience so that's just one degree to Mandela. And two to Leona Lewis who sat beside him for a photograph. Sheesh! I could go on and on.

So tell me this fellow bloggers -

How many degrees of separation are you from...?

1. Muhammed Ali
2. Kate Moss
3. Ian Paisley
4. Kevin Bacon


ejh said...


1: there's the link to JPII (http://www.catchthat.net/?p=1806) and then betwixt him and Ali (http://al-quds.blogspot.com/2005/04/papacy-in-pictures-july-23-2002-pope.html).

2: I've met this person whohas met this person who used a hairdresser who had just cut Kate Moss' hair.

3. I used to get a bus every day with someone who was nearly run over by the Rev Doctor's car.

4. Kevin Bacon is where it gets difficult. I've had pintage with Packy Lee, who was in Murphy's Law with James Nesbitt, who was in Match Point with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who was in Telling Lies in America with his Baconness.


Nelly said...

I should have added a disclaimer - no Kate Moss (or any other) links thru me.

Re Ali - leaving Ed out I haven't figured my connection. But I will.

Obviously I'm linked to the entire film industry through Leitrim Sister who used to work in it and I've pulled a pint for Liam Neeson.

I've not been introduced personally to the Big Man but I have shook the hand of the young boy. And yes I have washed that hand since - many times.

ejh said...

Too late for the disclaimer, I'm afraid. Because I can't think of any way that I'd otherwise get the connection to Moss.

Seeing as how you've already mentioned the pontifical connection, I could go another way to Ali:

I'm related (surprisingly) to me ma; she's met Thatcher; Thatcher and Reagan were Best Buddies; Ali endorsed Reagan for the 1984 election.

Job done.

Nelly said...

EJH - Pope- Bono - Mandela - Naomi Campbell - Kate Moss.


d@\/ e said...

1. Muhammed Ali - When I was at boarding school in West Africa there was an African guy that hung around and claimed to be the King Of America. I reckon with an attitude like that he could've been related to Muhammed Ali.
2. Kate Moss - I've met some dodgy characters who could've been drug dealers and... blah blah blah.
3. Ian Paisley - I met the Big Man at a do my Mrs was singing at, many years ago.That's before he started to shrink.
4. Kevin Bacon - There's a possibility if he was friends with an old neighbour of mine who's an actress and if he'd visited her and if he rode a horse.Possibly he could've rode his horse past my house.

Anyone else, Nelly? :-)

ganching said...

Muhammed Ali - the GYS's rather famous poet uncle has met Mandela who's sure to have met Ali.

Kate Moss - friends of mine had a drink round at Noel Gallagher gaff one night and as everyone who lives in Primrose Hill know each other there's bound to be a connection with La Moss.

Paisley - well despite spending the night with him I wouldn't say I knew him or not in the conventional sense but I have met Tony Blair who is very well acquainted with him.

Kevin Bacon - Liam Neeson's mum was my school dinner lady so that's a link there to all of Hollywood.

Nelly said...

My Ali connection - Ali was famously interviewed by Michael Parkinson - who was knighted by the Queen - who has a daughter-in-law called Camilla - who gave a pup to some Welsh friends from Wales - which grew into a handsome dog that spent its hollybags in Dingle - and shagged Miss Macy Moriarty - who had Gracie - who lives in Ballymena with Z & D.
And as the Welsh couple are friends with my Kerry Sis and Brandon that makes me 6 degrees from the greatest sportsman of the 20th century.

Anna in the USA said...

I shook the hand of senator Maria Cantwell who campaigned for Senator Hilary Clinton whose husband, president Bill Clinton, awarded the President's Medal to Mohammed Ali.

Mudflapgypsy said...

1. Muhammed Ali- I met a woman from Woody creek Colorado who knew Hunter Thompson who interviewed Ali at the rumble in the jungle.
2. Kate Moss -no thanks, bint.
3. Dr Reverend - mates of mine were getting high one christmas eve when he stuck his head round the bedroom door to wish them a merry christmas. Turns he he knew the parents, the progeny didn't know this. Needless to say they were off their trolleys and in peices giggling after DrRev left.
3. Kevin Bacon, I think Mrs M knows someone who acted with someone who acted with KB.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Slpeling is not so good this evening it seems.

Nelly said...

I have to say my connection with Paisley is very dull when Ed knows someone he tried to run over, Ganching spent the night with him and MFG is friends with folk who got stoned with him!

The Good Doctor is a far more colourful character than ever I realised!

Anonymous said...

Mr London Sister collides with Kevin Bacon in Central Park NY a few years ago so that is a help to Nelly and Ganching xxxx

Nelly said...

Were they skate-boarding, driving, running or strolling?

Scooterdeb said...

I grew up in Louisville, so I saw Muhammad Ali a lot. Not in the grocery store, of course, but as a celebrity at parades and that kind of thing.

As for Kevin Bacon - I STOOD NEXT TO HIM at the Circuit City in Santa Monica a couple of Fridays ago. He was at the cell phone kiosk talking to the clerk and everyone was pretending like he wasn't KEVIN BACON. He was wearing some kickass boots, I have to say.

I wanted to lean over and say, "I really enjoyed your performance in 'Tremors'...", but I was overcome with shyness and ended up only staring. Does this count as a degree?

Nelly said...

Yes indeedy!

Brad said...

I know I'm very late to this party but I once worked with Kevin's sister Kira. They would call her on the overhead paging system...Kira Bacon please dial...

Nelly said...

One degree to Kevin Bacon - that makes you at least two degrees to the entire globe...