Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Wedding Present

As Bert and I are having a (relatively) fuss-free marriage we have been telling friends and family that we do not want presents. After all we have been together 21 years and have all the household goods we need.

But some folk just cannot be told. Look what Clint presented us with yesterday!

The wedding present is the one to the fore of the picture

So if you bloody insist we'll accept the following:

  • A breeding pair of donkeys
  • A yellow Triumph Dolomite
  • A flock of Jacob sheep
  • A spinning wheel
  • Gold
  • Champagne


Hails said...

Aw, sorry Nelly. I'd already sent the geese before I saw your list. :(

Excited for you and your hubby-to-be! Hope you have a lovely wedding. Will be thinking of you! xx

Nelly said...

The 'geese' will be fine. When do they fly in?

I'm only thankful you didn't send us that bloody parrot!

Anonymous said...

next week???!

fine lookin pig, got names yet? how about 'crockery set' or boney?

when's he ripe? i'll book a flight.

mikeyboy x

ps - again, congratulations. bert knows, right?


Nelly said...

She's a she. We're calling her Wedding Present. Make a good New Year Dinner. Welcome anytime Mikey. Great news about the gig.

Ronni said...

We asked people for recipes, but several brought champagne. Which was a Good Thing, as the house champagne at the place we had our wedding dinner was dreck.

Hope all goes smoothly and that the pig doesn't decide to be part of the ceremony.

Stray Taoist said...

Should have called her Mrs Gedge.

/me wanders off humming 'Why are you being so reasonable now?'

ganching said...

I was going to get you a deep fat fryer as I believe you mislaid your last one.

Nelly said...

Ronni - Thanks. We'll try to keep the pigs out of it.
Mr Bolan - you're an inspiration you are! I'm in back in love with books and your comment will have me raiding the W shelf tonight.
Ganching - you naughtiest witch you - I wouldn't have a deep-fat fryer about me.

Anna in the USA said...

NellyBert - Heartfelt Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming nuptials.

An Old Irish Blessing
May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

:-) Am I getting too mooshy?

Nelly said...

No Anna - that's lovely.

El Capitan said...

Can't help with the sheep. Are y'all interested in a Texas Longhorn? Dunno how I'd ship it over there, they get pretty cross when you try to fit those horns in the shipping crate.

Nelly said...

El Capitan - as long it's a bull. We'd be the talk of the parish!