Friday, September 19, 2008


There's a part of me that thinks it is wrong to pray for animals. It's a part I don't agree with. We're all animals when it comes right down to it. It's just that we humans are particularly arrogant, selfish animals that believe, rightly or wrongly, that we're more important than the rest.

Nevertheless I prayed for Lucy and I prayed for Bonnie. Whilst doing so I had the sneaky suspicion that somebody, something would die in their stead. I'm a superstitious fool. I admit it.

Today I accidentally drowned a spider. And on the Dreen Road, Big Ernie, the angriest turkey in County Antrim, died with his head stuck in the feeding trough. Heart attack? Who knows. Clint weighed him prior to burial. He weighed exactly 60 lbs, including feathers and guts. He was a big boy. Clint is sad. But Lucy is grand and Bonnie is on the mend.


Musings of Mel said...

Mary, Despite my lack of faith I too am praying for Bonnie! I hope the dog Gods accept my prayers.
Dog stuff aside I hope you're doing ok and that Matty is alright too. She is such a big dog its hard to imagine her incapacitated - fingers and toes and paws crossed as you say. And it seems Lucy is getting better - hopefully I get to meet her at Halloween.
Thinking of you.
x x

Anonymous said...

Glad both dogs are on the mend, poor things. Shame about the turkey & his mysterious departure..mikey x

Anna in the USA said...

I purposely murdered a spider in our bath tub. Bonnie will be spared.