Monday, December 08, 2008

Our Piggy Did Not Die In Vain

Eat Me

I got a bit pissed at Bert yesterday because he threw out the peanut butter.

Why? What was wrong with it?

The sell-by date was 2007.

For God’s sake! That’s only last year. Sure it wouldn’t have done you a pin of harm!

So you can imagine how annoyed I am about this Irish Pork Crisis.

…..the UK Food Standards Agency said it believed no pigs in Northern Ireland had consumed the tainted feed. But it said pork labelled ROI or NI should still be thrown out or returned.

Like any sensible person, I think it’s terribly wrong that pigs are fed contaminated foodstuffs, but this reaction is overkill. Our pig (currently resident in the Nellybert freezer) scoffed her fair share of store-bought grub. And we’ll be eating her. It would be rude not to.


Zoe said...

It's ok - Northern Irish pork has been deemed safe to eat.

evilganome said...

I can't make a jar of peanut butter last a week. 2007! My stars.

Sorry to hear about the pork famine. I don't eat beef or lamb anymore, but I still love my pig products. I'd pine away if I was deprived.

Nelly said...

The pork scare is over!

I have peanut butter phases. I might eat it endlessly for weeks then not eat it for months. But I keep some in the office and replaced the (perfectly good) 2007 one in the home cupboards.