Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This Is Puck, The Redfern Duck

If you arrive at work with wet woollen gloves, pull each one over the bottom of a small jar. Stand open ends of jar on a radiator. Gloves will dry in half the time it usually takes.

* * * *

To get nuts out of their shells in one piece, soak them in salt and water for a few hours.

* * * *

To prevent a cake being overfired on top, run cold water over buttered greaseproof paper. Shake well and place over cake before putting in the oven.

* * * *

The clearing out of Pearlie’s previous abode continues. It goes slowly because I cannot resist reading every magazine or newspaper cutting she ever kept. One thing I have no trouble disposing of are the gospel tracts. She kept all of these and there must have been hundreds of them stashed here and there. It gladdened my black Catholic heart to cast these good Protestant missives in the trash bin. I was a lot less cavalier about disposing of the scores of bibles she kept. At one point in his life Bert’s father was a Sunday school teacher and the family has gathered more bibles than a horse has hairs.

The vast collection of biros has also been tossed. After years and years they just stop working and if Pearlie had enough spare hours in her day to test old pens, I don’t. I’m far too busy stacking bibles, trashing tracts and reading ancient household tips.

Pearlie also kept little cuttings that took her fancy. I liked this old style advertisement.

This is Puck, the Redfern Duck

The wet he never feels,

Because his boots are watertight

With Redfern's Soles and Heels


ganching said...

I think you have hit upon a rich seam of blogging trivia with this - could you keep you going for months and sits well with the new frugality.

Nelly said...

You're so right. Then there are all the 'awkward customer' stories I can use after I get made redundant

Grannymar said...

For one minute there I thought I had competition for the household hints ;)

Keep the stuff coming!

Nelly said...

Grannymar - hints are for passing on - feel free to do so.

sageweb said...

More "hairs on a horse" cracked me up.

L said...

Nelly, following this saga has made me reconsider all the "valuable" stuff I have in closets and drawers ... I have set aside some time at the holidays to purge these areas!

One thought you might consider about the Bibles, if you come across others: might there be a church (either Catholic or Protestant) or related ministry that will accept them and send them to missions in other parts of the world?


evilganome said...

I'm wondering what was in the tracts! You never know when you'll need a good laugh.

I'm not sure what I would do with the bibles. As a heathen, I wouldn't be keeping them around myself, though there are days when I wish I had a King James as a reference book.

At any rate, it sounds like you have a rich blogging mine there.