Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Death On The Dreen

Last night Bert had to shoot one of the calves. The vet didn't know for sure what was wrong with it. She thought it might be meningitis but after a day it was clear the calf wasn't going to get better and that it was suffering. It's only the second time he's had to do that to a large animal. He was quite shook up about it but I reassured him that it was the right thing to do.

This morning he killed three roosters.

The local hounds will eat the calf and we will eat the chickens.


sageweb said...

Gosh I bet that was hard...poor bert.

evilganome said...

My sympathy to Bert. Having grown up around farms it's no fun having to put down any of the livestock, even when they are just meeting their ultimate fate as sausages.

Nelly said...

The last time Bert had to shoot a sick bullock his father was in charge of the operation. He said it was tougher doing it on his own.