Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Year Ago Today...

...found me arranging my books in alphabetical order and moaning about Pearlie. A year has passed and I never did complete ordering my books and I am trying not to moan about Pearlie too much even though she lives with us now.

A year ago I'd never watched a single episode of The Wire and George W. Bush was still in the White House. A year ago I thought my job was pretty secure and that I was well set up with savings.

A year ago Nellybert had no intention of getting married and now we've been wed for five months.

A year ago we had Rosie; today we have Fred.

A year ago I never dared to hope that Barack Obama would be President of the United States.


sageweb said...

Wow, some changes are good. I am happy as ever about a new president. 8 years of being hated by every country..maybe things might change a little by next year.

Anonymous said...

Its been some year huh? All good except the savings stuff i guess, and Rosie's obviously missed a great deal; she was always my favourite. A year ago I was about to lose my job as the credit crunch started, now i'm hopefully soon to leave my current job for altogether better reasons...not married though, i'll leave that to you grown ups.

Maybe this year an Edinburgh jaunt could be on your horizons? Either that or expect an overdue visit from me.

Mikey x

Anonymous said...

The Wire. Amazin'.

Brad said...

He is but a politician. Let's hope he didn't sell too much of himself to get the office.

Anonymous said...

It's a great time to be in and around Washington DC and I say that as a native of the place. Pure jubilation and hope for the future.

Ronni said...

Here in Texas, a lot of people are walking around, looking a bit shell shocked.

I have been trying not to gloat.

No matter what Barack has sold, or to whom, the man is intelligent and articulate, which is a huge step up from what we had before!

Nelly said...

Yay! Americans. We love you again.

Yay! Americans. We love your Wire TV programme. Seriously - the best television series ever. BBC? Sucks. HBO? Rocks.

Yay! Mikey. Nellybert will come to Edinburgh. Indie rock stars (2b)? Always welcome on the Dreen.

Anonymous said...

Hope is alive in the USA and there is a groundswell of good will.

There are many problems and much to be done, but, if anyone can do it, it is our President Obama. It is so good to have intelligence, high ideals and pragmatism in charge again. We do so much want to be a force for good in the world again.