Monday, January 26, 2009

Foreign Muck

When Matty's other daughters come to visit (which they do regularly) they leave all sorts of strange and unusual foodstuffs behind them. These items are rank poison to Matty for, as everyone knows, a lady of her age and social standing exists mainly on cooked ham, mild cheddar cheese and Marie biscuits. Exotica such as avocados, garlic, parmesan cheese and tinned tomatoes are not for her delicate stomach. Indeed, their very presence in her larder, turns her over all queasy. Luckily I am always at hand to remove these pungent, highly-flavoured items from her kitchen.

But do not let it be said that Matty isn't prepared to try different things. She has a great appetite for some foreign foodstuffs and has never been known to refuse a French tartlet, a German biscuit, a Danish pastry or a slice of Italian cheesecake.


sageweb said...

I wouldnt turn down any of those food items either.

Nelly said...

Mmm. Me neither.

But have you noted how Matty's tastes are very Eurocentric?

Nelly said...

I am being targeted by anti-smoking spammers. I much prefer smokers to spammers.