Friday, January 16, 2009

The Matty Effect

The last time I took Matty to Junction One I couldn't find a spare disabled parking space so set off to look for another space that wasn't too far from the shops. But just as I found one and indicated that I was turning in, I spotted another driver aiming for the same place. I looked her in the eye, thumbed in the direction of my ancient passenger and took the space. I'm not usually that assertive but the aged parent certainly does bring it out of me.

We were at Junction One again tonight shopping for skirts for Pearlie. No luck unfortunately as the dowdy old-fashioned ones weren't lined and the heavier ones were too 'trendy' for her. Who could see Pearlie in Per Una? Not me. Being us, we picked up a couple of bits for there is nothing that cheers Matty as much as shopping for new gear. But she's still suffering from that cold and she's not quite herself and I could see she was getting tired.

So there we are standing in the queue waiting to get served and the person in front of us is one of those gypes who doesn't have her purse ready and can't remember how to work the card machine and is generally a div but we waited patiently anyway. Next thing this big man standing behind us says,

I wonder if you ladies would mind if I went in front of you for I'm in a terrible hurry and I'm paying in cash.

And I looked over at Matty and then I said to him,

Well actually we would mind for my mother is pretty tired and needs to get back to the car and besides we're paying in cash too.

Then I ignored him.

As I was telling Bert later, had I been on my own I'd have let him go in front of because it would have been the easiest thing to do. Bert was amazed that any man could think he was entitled to jump the queue in front of an 80-something lady.

By the way - I'm the sort of person who, if I've got a huge amount of shopping, will say to the person behind me with two or three items, to go before me. One, for it makes me feel kind and considerate and two, I hate the feel of eye-daggers in my back.

But I'll suffer eye-daggers for Matty anytime.


Anna said...

I often will offer to let someone cut ahead if I have a basketfull. But, I do think it is a bit presumptuous of someone to ask to cut the line.

You did the right thing. He was an inconsiderate boor when he failed to think of Matty.

Grannymar said...

Go girl! You did the right thing.

I was the most mannerly shopper for years always giving way to others. I offered to lift items down from the top shelves for other shoppers and helped in whatever way I could.

In the last year or two I became aware of trolly and buggy wheels taking the ankles off me, people rudely pushing past me and generally ignoring my existance.

Well the good lord gave me pointy elbows and I am learning to use them with great effect!

Ronni said...

I was a bit aggressive in defense of Addy when we shopped. Usually, shoppers were nice, though. It was receptionists, bank clerks, cashiers and others whose JOB it was to assist her, who tended to be patronizing and tried to rush her through.

I'm sorry, but, when a person is 80, they are entitled to proceed at their own pace. Anyone who wants to get in front should remember this: IF THEY ARE LUCKY, they will be in Mattie's or Pearlie's shoes at some point.

Karma, baby!

Nelly said...

Thanks for the encouragement - I'm dfinitely going to be a lot more assertive in future. Outside the home that is, for I'm already pretty assertive within my own four walls.

I know what Ronni is talking about as I find that people who deal with the public all the time are often the least patient. Biggest offenders are doctor's receptionists I find.

Ronni said...

Yes. I got so very sick of people calling her "dear," who didn't know her from Adam! And then assuming that everything that hurt was in her imagination.

Hagelrat said...

he was an ass. I am the same, I do let people ahead of me, but not if they ask. :)

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