Friday, January 02, 2009

Nawsome To Awesome

Ganching (gently) recently reproached me for my use of the word 'awesome'. She suggested that some people might think I was trying to 'sound young'. I took this on board and decided to consult a 'young person'.

Kermie, my sister says that I should reconsider my use of the expression 'awesome'. She feels that it is not age-appropriate. What words do you think a person in her mid-fifties should use when she wishes to suggest 'awsomeness'?

He thought carefully. He answered,

Spiffing? Splendid?

I think he's got it. Thanks Kerm.


Ronni said...

Smack that child upside the head and say whatever you damn well please!

Of course, going back in time, there is always:

Far out!

and the ever-popular


Or the 4-F club that drag queens like:


ganching said...

"Boys-a-dear but that's great!" is something you might consider.

I am pleased that Ronni considers me a child.

Brighid said...

I too have been down this road of late. Having total used up: "cool", and moved on to "SWEET". The grandkids are looking at me with what smacks of pity. Bless them.

Nelly said...

After watching The Wire I have considered adding 'a'ight' and 'sheee-it' to my vocabulary but I think they just mean 'OK' and 'damnation', so I'm sticking with 'awesome' for now. Anyways Bert was saying it over ten years ago.

Grandkids look at you with pity too? I thought that was just your kids did that? Sheee-it!

Brighid said...
when Sean was little he was often told not to use swear words around ladies. An ol cow buyer was swearing up a storm one day while the branding crew was in for lunch. Sean climbed up on his chair, stared at the ol cow buyer til he hushed, and then told him that, that was corral talk, and we didn't talk that way in front of His mom... You can call me Lady B, No sheee-it!