Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Would be dutiful daughter dials number.

Hi Mum! How are you feeling today?

Oh. Is that you Nelly? I'm feeling much better today.

That's good. Listen I...

I can't talk now. I'm going to the doctor.

The doctor? Why are you going to the doctor?

I've got the cold.

I know you've got the cold. That's why I asked you how you were feeling. Why are you going to the doctor?

He wants to see me.

I was just ringing to let you know I can't take you to Tescos tomorrow because...

I wasn't for going anyway.

Right. You can phone me when you get back from the doctor. Tell me all ab...


So I guess I'm a bad daughter today for not taking my mother's cold seriously enough. Oh well. 


Grannymar said...

Sure if you did, you'd be fussing!

Sweary said...

I never knew we were sisters!

Nelly said...

Grannymar - I think she'd quite like me to fuss. Not all mums are as independent as you.

Sweary - I feel your pain. Yours must be comparatively young compared to mine and she's like that already.

And a PS. I went to see her at lunchtime and we ended up quarrelling. Really bad daughter. It must be a mortal sin to argue with people over eighty?

Ronni said...

Especially if they've got the cold!