Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Suffering Grandmas!

I am greatly maligned.

Firstly my youngest daughter informs the entire world that I might know what snot tastes like. As if!

Then the oldest daughter photoshops my thumb to make it look as big as a house. She must have done for there's no way my digit could ever look that gigantic.

Miss Martha


Brighid said...

Miss Martha is sure a cutie. A granny's hands when holding her babies are never anything but perfect.

sageweb said...

so gorgeous!

Grannymar said...

Miss Martha is certainly enjoying that thumb, no matter what size it is. You forget the thumb and enjoy those big blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Miss Martha's going to have a gorgeous 'widow's peak' to go with the rest of her gorgeous self.
Enjoy every finger-smacking moment, Nellie.

Nelly said...

I actually like the photograph very much. The contrast between my big hands are her little fresh ones is very appealing to me.

Anna said...

It's beautiful, Nelly.