Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clearing Up

Three weeks ago since Matty died.

We tidied her grave yesterday - removed the wreathes which were beginning to fade. I saved the cards and the little card-holders. The card-holders will be useful for marking where seeds are sown in the raised beds. Matty would have approved. She loved a garden, be it of flowers or be it of vegetables.

It was one of her biggest regrets, as she grew older, that she wasn't able to keep up with her garden. Since she died I have been gardening like fury.


Anna said...

It is some time since I've been to Nelly's Garden and I am so sorry to hear of Matty's passing. One is never fully prepared to lose a loved one even though you know it is coming. As a nurse I also know that sometimes death is a friend. It was good to hear that Matty went peacefully. I felt I knew her from your writings and this very special person is now a very special Angel.
Thinking of you, Anna

Nelly said...

Thank you Anna.