Saturday, December 12, 2015


Today turned out to be a pyjama day. Woke up to the above and rushed outside to take a photograph of it but I had to hurry as it was melting by the moment. It looks nice but it felt horrible. White stuff always improves the look of a tatty winter garden although I could not be bothered to remove the orange thing lying in the middle of it. What is it? It is an orange plastic creel used for gathering spuds from about forty years ago. Why is it lying there? Bert threw it to encourage the dogs into the long wet grass to wash the cow dung from their paws before they came into the house and jumped all over the furniture. Isn't he considerate? I told him, for I'm always nit-picking, that most people throw balls or sticks. I shouldn't be surprised if there are crocuses growing through that thing in the springtime.


Deirdre Byrne said...

Ok coveting things on may sisters blogs is becoming a thing obviously. I might not need a potato gathering basket but when I spy one about Springhill I always feel the need to own one?

Nelly said...

I think
you could be spared one and your birthday isn't very far away and somebody needs to lift that thing out of the garden.