Monday, May 28, 2018

When The Birthday Boy Makes His Own Cake

At last! A birthday cake that turned out well. Bert baked it, Martha, Evie and Granny decorated it. Bert's cake rose nicely. The last one I made, Martha asked,

Granny, why is your cake like a biscuit?

My last pizza she said,

Why does your dough rise so much? It should be thin.

From now on I might get Bert to do the pizza bases as well.

We had great fun decorating the cake. The glace icing was better than last time when Martha's favourite dog ornament kept sliding off.

You'd never guess what age he was now? Martha really wanted those number candles.

Two would only be 1.70 Granny. And we can use the 9 again when it's my birthday

I allowed her to have them as a reward for being good at maths.

And Bert? He said he had a lovely birthday. When everyone had gone home we did a delivery to a garden centre in Magherafelt. It was only then that I noticed he still had glitter on his nose from the birthday cards that the girls made for him.


Brig said...

Well done! I would have been laughing at the glitter.
When I'm at my daughter's house glitter seems to be in abundance for some project, and somehow finds it's way on to me...

Mage said...

Oh, how you bring a smile my way. Delightful.