Friday, February 07, 2020


The term “wee dote” refers to someone who is cute/adorable especially in the facial skin region; usually made use of as slang in Northern Ireland. It originates from Shakespearean language “to dote on someone” i.e. to show affection. 1) “aww look! he's such a wee dote, I want to hug him.”28 Jul 2019 (Quora reply)

Recently, one of Hannah's friends (female) enquired,

How's your wee dote of a Mammy?

I was not best pleased to hear this. Wee dote? Nelly?

Bert says,

You're about the furthest thing there is from a 'wee dote'.

That's better. Even though...

My stature, if not my waistline, might be described as 'wee'.

And it's true that I am a 'Mammy'.

My facial skin is in pretty good nick for a sixty-something.

My dogs find me adorable.

But I am not a 'wee dote'. Although there is a possibility I might be approaching my dotage.

A Wee Dote

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