Thursday, January 28, 2021

In Case You Were Wondering


Bert's Aunt is holding her own. The news comes third hand as no-one is allowed to visit. What happens next is out of our hands. 

I panicked and ordered Covid testing kits for Bert and me. We both tested negative.

Booking for the vaccination opened today for people in my age group. I secured an appointment for Sunday. The second jab is to be in April. After which I might be able to visit my darlings in Norfolk. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

The snowdrops are out and I am hopeful for longer days and milder weather.

Lizzie and me at Craig's Moss. I'm probably half the age I am today and Lizzie would be in her early sixties. We're all ready for a day of bagging turf. 


Anonymous said...

Great news Mary. lol Peggy and Jim

Nelly said...

Thanks, Peggy and Jim. Aren't these crazy days?

Mage said...

Glad you got an appointment.

Nelly said...

I won't believe it until I get it!