Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Excuses, Excuses

So here I am on holiday from the coalface. So why haven’t I posted before this?

Firstly – I am still ill. I have given in and ordered antibiotics from the doctor. These I get for the sum of one vial of peewee and around £7 of my hard earned. At 5pm. Oh joy. Cullybackey rush hour – you have no idea how bad that is.

Secondly – I have been trying to pretend that I am not ill and have been working really hard to sort out and completely move out of the old abode. Which is where I am now as we still do not have the phone installed in the new place.

Thirdly – I fell in a hole and was thoroughly discomfited by this event.


ed said...

What's this? Pretending not to be ill? Surely that's against the whole spirit of the thing, you should be milking it for all it's worth and getting other people to do the moving for you.

Or would that just be me who does that?

Nelly said...

That might be a chap thing - or a youth thing. The chap thing is obvious (to most women) but the youth thing is to do with there not being enough life left to waste its remnants being ill.

Anyways I cannot milk it as Bert is ill too.

Anonymous said...

What about the falling into the hole? More information please.


Ronni said...

Look after yourself, Nelly.

Husband goes around pretending not to be sick, and then stays half-sick long after I'm over it. I crawl into the recliner with a down quilt, and only come out for chicken soup and tea, and am right as rain in a couple of days.

Lost Identity said...

You poor dear. It's awful ot be sick, and even worse to be in a hole. At least you weren't at the bottom of my 650 ft. hole.

Nelly said...

Ah the hole. You know those old-fashioned metal manhole covers? Well nowadays plastic ones are the vogue. The old ones are all in antique shops apparently. The plastic ones are OKish when they're concreted it but when thet're not sure you might as well throw a frisbee over the hole. Anyways I trod on the edge of it, it flipped, I went in feet first and grazed my hand, knee and wet myself with the annoyance of it all (and the kidney infection didn't help there).

I was raging with indigation and affronted pride. Eric, who was tiling the kitchen and McSquirter (the way too sparky spark) thought it was hil-ar-ee-us. To cut a long story short I got no sympathy a-tall. But I'm over it now.

To quote Nick Park "it's no big deal" and it would have been far worse if Pearlie had went into it.