Friday, October 14, 2005


Here I am in the old house again. It's almost empty now but the PC and phone are still here. Can you believe that British Telecom cannot connect us to the phone at our new place until next Wednesday? That was three weeks we'll have waited. How useless is that?

I still have the office side of things to dismantle which will be a big job. I'm going to have to do a lot of overdue filing. I think I'll file lots of it in the fireplace and light a match under it.

Last night I gathered up about the last of our household goods and chattels. You know the sort of stuff that ends up in the cupboard under the sink?

[Just been interrupted by a young bloke in a BMW who called to find if the house was still for sale.]

Anyways back to the cupboard under the sinks. I've gathered up the last of gardening gloves, the paint tins and the strange bits of metal that we never did find out what they belonged to. Now it's just the office, the phone and a few items of superfluous furniture to go.

But since we've been gone the foxes have taken over. Alber' said he saw a pair of them down by the polytunnels the other morning and last night, as I was driving up the lane, I saw a large dog fox. I slowed down and he stared at me for a moment before turning and disappearing nonchalantly through the hedge and into a field.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and stuff with the new house NellyBert. I remember, distincly, the feelings I've had when I've left a home I've loved. Just take the love wiv ya girl, but leave a little bit behind though.


Lost Identity said...

I know it's hard to think about, but you've got all those wonderful new memories to look forward to in the new house.
Packing up those last bits can be downright painful. If you didn't know where to put the stuff in the old house, how are you gonna know where to put it in the new one? Those kinds of things get left in my garage until the next move...and then I'm usually ready to part with them.

The whole 3 week phone connection is very bizarre. Is that typical?

ed said...

Only 3 weeks? From BT? Jeez woman, youse are powerful lucky to be getting a look in within a month.

So what happens to the polytunnels? Is Fantastic Mr Fox going to set up home?

Nelly said...

Thanks Neddy - your words of wisdom are much appreciated.

'Tis well seen you live in the States LI but like Ed has pointed up we Brits (sorry Sinn Feinkin) put up with a very inferior service. Less 'have a nice day', more 'you should be so lucky schmuck'. The people they employ to liaise with the customer are chosen at the interview stage for their complete lack of empathy and their appreciation of others annoyance and discomfiture. I think the question asked is 'do you find it amusing when you see someone slip on a banana skin?' If they say 'But of course," they are in.

Nelly said...

Oopsy whoopsy. Forgot to respond to fox query. I shuldn't be surprised if the Family Fox aren't already in residence and spend their days curled up in Bert's comfy armchairs. The polytunnels are part of the deal. I think the new owner Clint will be growing something (legal) in them.

In time their present contents (bar foxes) will be shifted to Springhill to take up residence in Bert's new multispan tunnel which has yet to be erected.