Friday, October 07, 2005

Harry de Cat V. Catticus Finch

Surprisingly Harry de Cat has settled fairly well in Springhill. No need to butter his paws a-tall. He has been making some terribly irritating calls to me in the middle of the night to sit on my head which I've not been liking. I have discovered how to stop him though - close bedroom door.

He enjoys stalking Bernie & Bianca Bantam though we are slightly worried he might actually kill them. B&B are hardly even as big as crows and they're not nearly as nasty.

But Harry does have one big problem and that is Catticus Finch who is Pearlie's neutered tom. Catticus seemed like a pretty laid back fellow until we saw him around Harry. And I thought Harry was rather tough and macho until he met Catticus. Physically they're well matched and as they haven't even one testicle between them neither can act the smart guy over the other one. But what Catticus has got, that soft old Harry has not, is attitude (or should I say cattitude?)

I was very amused this morning to watch Harry being stalked by the Catticus. How Harry hated it. Every now and again Catticus would pounce on him and send him flying off to hide. Then Catticus would lie down and take this long arrogant langurous stretch as if to say "My mom'll have you with her walking stick and then, if I can be arsed, I'll rip your head off. "

Hopefully this one will run and run.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful - cats are brilliant.
mel x x