Friday, October 14, 2005

"Nelly is...."

A long time ago I spotted something like this meme over at Bliss His went like this - enter "Yourname is” in Google and see what comes up. I spotted the meme again this evening at Rednaked Woman where she was doing it like this - “Yourname needs”. I tried it with my blog name using ‘is’and found that I was

  1. In an ideal position (true)

  2. An heirloom

  3. Beautiful

  4. A strong grower

  5. Perfect for training (ahem!)

  6. One of the earliest and followed by numerous rather loud things (my favourite)

  7. One of the most popular types

That’s what I get for calling myself after a very popular clematis. Then I tried it with the name my parents gave me. To my dismay the first one that came up was this. So when using my ‘maiden’ name I am

  1. Dead

  2. Sometimes said to be “the most famous man in Ireland.” (Surely some mistake)

  3. Excited about my Spring recruiting class

  4. Identifying and exploring the changes inmaternal-infant attachment and infant/toddler development

  5. Asleep against the ditch (another favourite)*

  6. A midfielder/defender who lettered for four years at Collins HillHigh School in Lawrenceville

  7. A recipient of the Hennessy Literary Award 1986 and Bourse LawrenceDurrell de la Ville d'Antibes 1995

*From The Tinker's Wedding
by J. M. Synge


Bliss said...

It's always a good chuckle. :) My real name had some quirky results.

Stray Toaster said...

This would explain the current rash of 'Caitlin needs' hits to meh blog. Someone else is doing this vile memery.

hootchinhannah said...

Why did you call your car Caitlin anyway? Or is that classified?

StrayToaster said...


Not so much classified as a compliment for erm, well, now, perhaps the story doesn't need told just yet. Or within earshot of my good lady.