Monday, October 03, 2005

October the Third

Today we moved our beds, our music and the teapot to the new house.

I guess this is it.

We also moved houseplants, nearly all the books and almost all the kitchen stuff.

Still to go - Harry de Cat. And the PC. And our clothes and shoes. Oh yes, and toilet roll. Mustn't forget toilet roll.


Lost Identity said...

once your bed is there, it's home. :-)

Nelly said...

So why is it I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to go real home? Which I couldn't do because there was no bed there.

ed said...

Perfectly normal resistance to change. Or perhaps it's because you forgot to bring the toilet roll with you. Could be either.

Nelly said...

Oh we had plenty of Andrex. Forgot all the cutlery tho' which was slightly problematical when it came to eating our (carry out) dinner. The only thing we had was a bottle opener. Funny that. No my early hours angst was caused by sharing my queen sized bed with one long man, two sturdy dogs and a cat that insisted on sleeping on my face.

Then of course there was the distress caused by Bert beating me at Scrabble.

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited you guys are moving in! i truly hope it all goes well and i'm so looking forward to visiting you when i come back at start of november.

Lots of love,

Mel.x x x x x

Nelly said...

Mel glad to hear from you. Last night Bert, Hannah & I supped on organic cocoa and honeycomb. It was yum. Part of our present from yourself & Mikey.

We're all looking forward to seing you then.