Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Roll Me A Jointer

We have waited weeks for British Telecom to find the time to connect the new house to the telephone service. We have waited patiently. Today was that day. Between the hours of 1pm and 6pm. And guess what? They couldn't do it. Something was broken. They need a jointer. Remind me again where we are? Outer Mongolia? The dark side of the Moon? Central Baghdad?

It might be a day or two before I get back here. We don't even have a phone connection in our old abode any more.


ed said...

What did I tell you? BT are *censored* *censored* *censored* not very good at people moving.

'course, I'm with ntsmell, and they're not much good either, so I probably shouldn't be complaining too loud, lest they decide to mess up my connection.

Nelly said...

It's little wonder USians are amazed at what we have to put up with service wise.

Ronni said...

I switched from DSL to cable internet access because they kept stalling and stalling--I was without internet for nearly three weeks. I thought I would go stark raving bonkers. After all that, they told me they had lost my work order, and I could wait til Monday to submit another, and it shouldn't be more than 5 days after that, and my access would be up. I called the cable company and asked, "How soon can you get me connected?" They said, "Tuesday." I said, "You're on!" And that was that.

Nelly said...

Flippin' heck. I never thought that would happen in Texas!