Saturday, October 15, 2005

That's Me Told

Bert's not one for early rising and neither is Pearlie so I thought I was being very kind letting Bernie and Bianca Bantam out at least two hours before their customary mid-morning release time.

The first indication that this was not entirely to Pearlie's pleasing was when she informed me that I was not opening the door properly. So I learned how to do that and continued to release the banties before 9am.

Then today I was nollered and very nicely told

I'd rather ye didn't let my banties out in the morning.

Oh. Why?

I'd rather just let them out at their usual time of eleven or

Why eleven?

I'd be afraid that the fox would get them if they're out too

I must confess I was a little miffed at this. But then I thought Pearlie has her familiar routines. She doesn't want me to be interfering with them too much. That's fair enough. So sorry Bernie and Bianca. It's back to the long lie-ins.


Lost Identity said...

Wow, chickens in the house. I love it. And I thought I was a softy for letting my new dog on the couch!

Nelly said...

It's terribly Irish. But that's Pearlie's place. I don't allow them into mine.