Friday, October 14, 2005

"Who will rid me........?"

Oh dear, oh dear, oh deary me. I bet there are a few people who think that Father Alec Reid ought to take a wee look at this poem by Seamus Heaney. And they'll also be thinking that it would probably be best if he paid no mind to its meaning and context and just took the title on board.

Now I didn't post this to start a row mind. Just a little bit of cynical commentary.


Beowulf said...

I don't understand what you're trying to say. Though for reference I am a complete simpleton.

Nelly said...

What I'm saying is that in terms of the current situation that Father Reid's remarks might better have been left unsaid.

But then that's part of the problem of this country. Not saying things. And saying things.

Hope that has cleared it up for you.

Beowulf said...

See, it was the second part about Heaney's poem that I didn't understand, mostly because I don't understand the poem. I thought you were saying something more is all.

I never really understand much of what goes on politically here, as Carrie and Marc pointed out I am an imbecile. I don't even know where Gerry Adams started working.

Anyway, if that's all the poem is about then fair enough. It's true if rather dull as a poem; keep your mouth shut for no matter what you say, be it reasonable or not, people will crawl down your throat over it because of some injustice done to someone they never knew before they were even born.

I don't understand how anything that went on here could be compared to what went on in Europe 60 years ago but what do I know? Maybe if enough people say it then it's true.

Nelly said...

I agree. Nothing that happened here compares to the Holocaust.