Saturday, October 29, 2005

Young Man So You Wanna Be Cool?

One of the first steps to achieving 'cool' is to choose a cool hairstyle. Here are some examples. I'll talk you through them so you know what to avoid.

All on the top row are good choices. I'd particularly recommend the 'Ed' (on the left.)

On the second row the 'Reuben' (on the left) would be an acceptable choice. The other two will make you look like a dork.

Third row I'm plumping for the left again. The 'Jack' also known as the 'Matthew Fox'. Mmmmm. Matthew Fox. Double mmmm! Matthew Fox bearing doughnuts.

Fourth row all bad. Be sure to avoid the style on the right, the 'Marc' (surferdude period.)

Bottom row. Only the 'Altar Boy' on the left is acceptable and then only if you are under the age of twelve. The other two? Vile beyond belief. Not even Johnny Depp....

Hope this helps.


ed said...

Oh dear. I'm afraid that my hair is much shorter than anything in that picture. In fact, I'm probably closer to the next post than this one. Ah well. I'll survive, I think.

Nelly said...

As a matter of interest (nosiness) what would your hair do if you did let it grow? Flop, sprout, fall silkily to your shoulders etc.

Don't have to ask Marc that as he gave us a whole file of his hair dos from nursery school to present day.

ed said...

It'd end up like the very middle of that picture. Except greasier and curlier.

Which is why it's much easier to get rid of the lot and save on shampoo.

Nelly said...

But it helps if you've got a good shaped head. Bert looks like a crim with a mumero uno. He often remarks that he "despairs of his hairs."

ed said...

A good shaped head? I wouldn't quite say that. And nothing but the finest of numero duo for me. A number 1? In this weather? You'd be mad to try it.

Nelly said...

I can't wait to get home and tell Bert about all the boys who've been posting their photos to my blog!

I'd need to see a profile to be sure but your head shape looks a lot like my dear Bertram's cranium.