Thursday, January 05, 2006

Car Crash

Obviously you are much too cerebral to pay any attention to tellytrash such as Celebrity Big Brother, but in case you accidentally catch a glimpse, (and drop dead of apoplexy) I'd better warn you that one of your least favourite politicians is taking three weeks off (he'll never last three weeks) to show the great British public what a helluva nice guy he really is.


ed said...

It's good to know that I'm so predictable. I got three texts and two emails within minutes of the announcement, all along the lines of "This'll be music to your ears" or "what the bejaysusing feck is he doing there?"

Personally, I'm thinking along the lines of the englishman. None of these people need to come out alive, do they?

Nelly said...

Well I'll be looking in anyway. I won't pretend I'll not. If I wasn't such a well brought up person I'd say they were a sad bunch of fuckers each and every one. Ooops. I said it!